A body known as Gombe New Frontiers has called on the people of the state and Nigerians in general to be dispassionate in passing judgement on the recent incident involving the former governor, Senator Danjuma Goje which led to breach of peace.

In a statement in Gombe yesterday and made available to the press, the body said the incident was a recurring effect of a “planned, sustained and orchestrated political maneuvering” to create confusion and give a semblance of division and disunity especially within the fold of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

According to the Secretary, Mallam Isa Shehu, the former governor only acted out a scheme to blackmail Governor Inuwa Yahaya but the generality of the people in the state were not fooled because they know the genesis of political thuggery and lawless behaviour of those who caused the mayhem during the incident.

“All that happened on that day were sheer charade, concocted to give a misleading impression about Governor Inuwa Yahaya but we all know the aggressor. We all know how the incident was manipulated in order to attract undeserving sympathy. We all know the history of thuggery and political lawlessness and maneuvering in the state”.

Shehu contended that Gombe State has hitherto been known for peace and harmony, adding that the “new face of politics” was responsible for the breach of peace.

‘From telling the whole world that he won’t run for senate again to reneging on that statement and the resultant intermittent political assault and violence from one local government to the other, we have our convictions on who’s fueling the repeated ugly incidents”.

He assured the people that there was no division within the APC in the state as both leaders and members were in unison in appreciating the good work of the incumbent governor and hence his recent endorsement for a second term.

While sympathizing with families of the victims, he appealed to the former governor to allow the incumbent do his work without interference, which, he said, was behind the recurring violence in the state.

“This is obviously the evil of godfatherism, a negative phenomenon that invariably causes political bile and distasteful outcome all in attempt to control, distract and blackmail a successor. But Governor Inuwa Yahaya is expected to have a mind of his own in order to achieve on his mandate and contract with the good people of Gombe State. It’s true that both men cannot be the same in character and style of governance and that should be clear to all”, he stated.

The scribe urged the security agencies to thoroughly investigate the incident and ensure the perpetrators, no matter their positions, are punished.