FG pegs 2022 Health budget above Previous years


Out of the total N16.39 trillion budget for 2022, a sum of N711.28 billion (4.3% of the entire budget) is earmarked for the ministry of health..
This is an increase compare to previous years.

Based on the federal government budget, and its allocation of N711.28 billion to the ministry of health in pursuit of the goal of a healthy populace…. some analsysts say N3,453 is what the federal government has earmarked to cater for the health of all of its 206 million citizens.

interestingly, this year budget for the Health ministry is the highest since President Buhari came into power in 2015, which is well commended according some health experts

Obviously, the poor state of the health sector and government’s commitment to improving it might have been one of the reasons for the 29.37% increase in the proposed allocation to the ministry of health.


We should understand that this year budget for medical care is N3,453 for Every Nigerians

There with , there plans to building Hosipital across the federation , which could improve the living of many Nigerians.

Secondly, though the N3,453, but is an improvement on last year’s figure pegged around N2,749 per citizen.
As a result of this many believe that the increase is a welcoming development as the amount will able be to take care of little sickness like Headache, Malaria and other little little sicknesses .

Although this year health budget and medical care amount per citizen is the highest in the last 5 years, but 2022 health budget still falls below the 15% benchmark of health sector budget allocation which was reached by the leaders of the African Union (AU) in April 2001

It would be recalled that in Abuja AU made a commitment to allocate 15% of their annual budget to improve the health sector.

While countries like Rwanda and South Africa have acted on their commitment by allocating at least 15% of their total budget to health, Nigeria still falls behind but the good news is that there are plan to upgrade soon .