CVB awards Companies with Unique brand


Consumers Values Broadcasting Ltd (CVB) has recently awarded Companies and Brands voted by Consumers for their unique performances

The award which was tagged “Consumer. Value Awards 2022′ was held in Lagos on Wednesday ..

it will be noted that In Nigeria’s business environment, consumers are already inundated with almost too much of hype, publicity and promotions, some of which are not approved by the regulatory authorities.

This situation has throws up an opportunity for some guiding light to help navigate through the labyrinth.

According to the organiser; ” the event mission is to provide the required guiding light and deliver value that will make brands, products and services more accountable to consumers.

What sets the Consumers Value Awards apart is that consumers make the decision on who wins. Therefore, our role as organisers is restricted to facilitating the conversation between products, services, brands and consumers.

Among the diginaries st the event include Babatunde Irukera, Executive, FCPCC.
Dr Lekan Fadolapo, Registar/CEO, Advertising Regulatory Council.
Sola Saloko Ajulo, Human Right activists and President founder of consumer Advocacy etc