SMES Growth: Nestlé supports women retailers in Nigeria


Nestlé Nigeria has helped 332 women to scale up their businesses
by 300% and to sustain the new level through the Nestlé Empowering Rural Women in
Nigeria Project.

The beneficiaries are women within Nestlé Nigeria’s value chain, running
small businesses in rural areas across Nigeria.

Empowering Rural Women in Nigeria by helping them build financial security to improve
their livelihoods is one of the ways through which Nestlé Nigeria is Creating Shared Value
along its value chain.

The program was established to help beneficiaries scale up their
businesses and sustain the new level of up to three times the size of their existing

This objective is achieved through business training covering merchandizing, book-
keeping and customer service, mentorship and coaching in addition to grants in form of
Nestlé products are valued at 300% of their monthly sales at the time of joining the program.

The beneficiaries are subsequently registered in a 3-month mentorship program and each
woman is linked to a personal mentor for one-on-one coaching to ensure adoption of the
key learnings from the training received to achieve the desired success.

Over 60% of the
beneficiaries achieve the 300% target growth within the 3-month coaching period!