Nestlé Nigeria Strengthens Nutritional Portfolio with NIDO Milk & Soya


Nestlé has announced the launch of the latest addition to its nutrition portfolio, NIDO Milk & Soya Instant Powder Mix.

This innovative product combines the double goodness of milk and soya, fortified with iron to provide consumers with an affordable, delicious and nutritious creamy milk and plant-based complement for beverages and cereals.

For over 62 years, Nestlé has been part of the daily nutrition of millions of
households in Nigeria, by consistently using its research and development
capabilities to unlock the power of food toenhance the wellbeing of individuals and families.

According to Ifeanyi Orabuche, the Category & Marketing Manager, Dairy,
“NIDO Milk & Soya is our first affordable fortified dairy and plant blend in the Nigerian market.

This unique blend of filled milk and soya is a source of Iron and
has other essential nutrients including Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber which supports digestion.

NIDO Milk & Soya joins our portfolio of fortified
products to help address the high rate of micronutrient deficiency, especially of
Iron in the country.”

According to the Journal of Public Health in Africa, the prevalence of anemia among school age children in Nigeria is 71% and among women, 47.3%.

NIDO Milk & Soya Instant Powder Mix was developed by local experts in Nestlé’s
R&D Center in Abidjan and is produced locally in Nigeria using 100% locally
sourced soyabeans.

It is a result of Nestlé’s progress in product innovation and
renovation to meet the growing consumer demand for affordable nutrition options that also create societal value.

“At Nestlé, our decisions are guided by our purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone today and for future generations.

With this new product, we are helping to sustain a steady source of revenue to improve the livelihoods of the local farmers who supply the soyabeans used in
the production of NIDO Milk & Soya,” said Victoria Uwadoka, the Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability lead at Nestlé Nigeria.

“This launch is part of Nestlé Nigeria’s ongoing commitment to offering
affordable, wholesome and nutritious options for consumers across the country,
while providing long term benefits that are good for individuals and families,
good for communities and good for the planet,” she concluded.