Lagos Police Warns Against Kidnappers, as Eneojo Jesse Escapes Bandits


Following the upsurge in cases of high-profile abductions in the country, among other violent crimes, the Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Police has declared full-scale war against kidnappers and others perpetrating various violent crimes across the state and other part of the country 

They also warn their victims not to make public their ordeals or they would revisit them.

Unfortunately, the kidnappers are now spreading their operations to other parts of the state.

Speaking on the situation, the state police spokesman, Benjamin Hyndeyin, said that “Crime, generally, in the country is being fought by the Lagos State police command with all the seriousness it deserves. That is why, when we check our statistics at the end of every month, we record a decrease in crime.

“Some people might want to argue that there is an increase in a certain type of crime in recent times. We are not unaware of such reports but generally, the command does its best to study crime trends, crime pattern to ensure that crime remains low as it has always been in Lagos because we want to continue to enjoy that status as one of the safest states in the country.

Speaking with one of the victims that was kidnapped recently , Egwumah Eneojo Jesse of Plot 105 Fepa Quarters, Karu Abuja,  one of the 30 victims that were able to escaped from a loosely organized group called Bandits on the 15th of October 2022.

Eneojo noted that on the15th of October 2022 was the day he was kidnapped and on 25th of October 2022, he  managed to escape after the kidnappers were trying to call for reinforcement to another community in order to kidnap more victims leaving behind two teenage member of guards in the camp. With this, he managed to escaped

He said he was lucky to be alive after several shoots on us during our escape