Massacre that Wastes lives of Giwa Olayinka Ayodele and many others in Igangan Ibadan


Igangan is a southern Oyo town that shot to prominence amid Yoruba-Fulani tensions, came under a night attack, leaving several persons dead and properties razed.

It was the most heartbreaking and dreadful attack that I have ever witnessed, the departure of the Fulani herdsmen left severely hacked and bloodied human bodies, apparently attacked in their homes early Sunday morning. It was a scene that could be described as a massacre.

The herdsmen arrived at Igangan around 11pm on Saturday 5th of June 2021 and they left early hours of Sunday 6th of June 2021 and No fewer than 10 residents of Igangan community, in the Ibarapa North area of Oyo state were said to have…

Attack on Igangan Ibarapa that leaves Ogboin Sampson Oni and many Lives dead.

I was sleeping in his room late on Saturday night, June 5 2021 when we heard the sound of gunshots.

 Our neighbor who was a member of the vigilante group hurriedly got up

From his bed, fetched his gun and went out as usual to protect the community from external attack when the Fulani’s invaded Igangan late Saturday night which was 5th June 2021, unfortunately we woke up to receive his remains on Sunday 6th June 2021 the following morning.

 He was shot repeatedly before he was later hacked to death by Fulani herdsmen.

His wife was called by community leaders on Sunday morning to receive his remains.

We heard people wailing and the Fulani guys were shooting sporadically.

A woman who lives opposite Mr. Ogboin Sampson Oni’s  family compound who was scared because she was not sure of her son’s whereabouts she hurriedly went out to look for him but Immediately she stepped out of the house, she was hit by a stray bullet and that ended her journey on earth.”

Also close to Mr. Ogboin Sampson’s house it was reported that they heard the voice of a man who was working as a guard at a nearby school trying to confront them when they were attacking some shops and burning them but the next thing we heard was a gunshot.

They  heard him  running and screaming for help before they heard another sound that sounded like someone was being hacked to death the residents narrated.

They also attacked the palace of the monarch and it was set ablaze.

 In fact the following morning, we met him in tears it was his wife who later explained to us that they (Fulanis) intentionally targeted the palace because they claimed Sunday Igboho and boys razed Sarkin Fulani palace earlier this year.

The attack on the Igangan community in Ibarapa area of Oyo State commenced at about midnight, leaving several people dead and properties razed.

 Mr Ogboin Sampson narrated all these ordeals to the Amotekun squad wen he was apprehended inside the bush alongside his wife and four children Mrs Sampson Helen, Sampson Blossom, Sampson Philip, Sampson Christiana and Sampson Omono while they were hiding in the bushes.

Residents who survived the attack told us at the gathering the following morning that the assailants were Fulani herders, believed to be carrying out a reprisal as regards how Fulani families and their leader, Abdulkadir Salihu, were forcefully evicted from the town in January by a mob led by a self-styled warlord, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho.

 They all accused Mr Salihu, the Sarkin Fulani, of masterminding Fulani attacks such as rape, murder, destruction of farms, and abductions in Igangan.

The youth leader in the community, Oladiran Oladokun, said that a son of Mr Salihu, Umar, had repeatedly sent him messages threatening that the Fulani would retaliate for how they were attacked and forced out of Igangan.

Some even said that Mr Salihu’s son was seen among those who attacked the community the previous weekend