Quinneth Ugonna Narrates her Horrible experience from attack by Fulani Herdsmen


It was a very horrible experience for everyone including me and my family members on Sunday 20th November 2022.
Everyone in the Agu-Amede community were going about their regular activities when the attack broke out. It’s was the usual perpetrators we have been hearing of from other neighboring communities, the Fulani Herdsmen. They attacked people and buildings looting those buildings that were under lock and keys. There were different sounds including gunshots, wailing of people running for their lives, groans of people in pains after been injured and also cries of people mourning their loved ones whose bodies were laying on the floor.
I made the suggestion to my husband that we run for safety as the noises were coming closer to us, he agreed and we left immediately taking the fasted route into the bushes. On our way we met others who were also running for safety. When we got to the bush, we agreed to take turns in watching the surrounding. Unfortunately we had not even camped there for an hour before we were bombarded by the herdsmen. They held everyone captive and took us to another location with everyone on tight blindfolds.

I could remember passing two nights before our knight in shining armor arrived in form of the Nigerian Army. They engaged the herdsmen in gun fight for hours while we hid under the bushes. The army were able to rescue some of us and they took us to an internally displaced persons camp set up by the state government, it was when we got there we had some form of serenity