Onyemaechi Robert Uzu Celebrates 47 years of lifetime Achievements


The MD/CEO of Ruzu Herbal Products and Services, Chairman Go-wellness worldwide Ltd marks his 47th birthday to commemorate his success story, recounts achievements.

Onyemaechi who was born 15th March 1977, is a product of societal disparities destined to make an impact by determination, hardwork, actualisation of vision, resilience and honesty. The celebrant’s humble beginning had enabled him the determination to succeed in life.

He said: I lost my father at the age of 3, I singlehandedly saw myself through primary , secondary school then proceeded to the higher institution of learning all by hardwork.

I was born into poverty and decided to walk away from it, started hustling very early in life to succeed.
Later in life I established a foundation called “Ruzu Foundation” where many had benefitted immensely. The foundation is presently training four undergraduates and 20 other school children from primary and secondary level of education.

Recounting achievements so far, Dr. Onyemaechi Robert Uzu revealed he developed strategies to alleviate poverty amongst the less privileged by setting up a platform “Go-wellness worldwide” where people’s health are prioritised and financial freedom is achieved. He affirmed the Go-wellness network company is the most prosperous and organised business platform in Africa with a very stable stream of income paid every Tuesday of the week.

Dr Uzu refined herbal industry by establishing a herbal clinic, the first of its kind approved by the relevant government agencies. He brought science into herbal medicine by making herbal products a substitute for orthodox in terms of efficacy, packaging and global recognition. Ruzu products are well analyzed by notable professors of medicine at the University of Benin thereby ensuring safety in usuage.

Ruzu Herbal remedies he said has been screened to ensure the product leads to no counter reactions on the liver, kidney or create abnormal psychological functions.
Dr. Uzu was a member of the Covid 19 team set up by federal government to develope antidotes for those affected by the virus , a member of expert committee to come up with essential medicinal plants established by Federal Government. He was one of the three participants who represented federal government in Togo for a program organized by West Africa Health Organization. (WAFU) on: ‘Training the trainer in setting up medicinal plants farming and the establishment of Botanical gardens.

The celebrant also mentioned that he succeeded in initiating a network marketing platform, Go-Wellness Worldwide Ltd that has finally redefined network marketing business in Africa. The most organized and prosperous network marketing company. Says the platform is a more efficient network marketing unit with the goal of pulling one million Nigerians out of poverty every year.
Basking on the occasion of his birthday, Onyemaechi said his biggest achievement is putting smiles on the faces of the distressed as he admonishes Nigerians on building a united front despite being faced with economic challenges. We need each other’s strength to make Nigeria great, industrialize Nigeria by using Nigeria made products, believe and be proud of our own, Dr Onyemaechi added.