Tales of Teachers without Power to Teach


By Muyiwa Olaoye

A teacher closed from work so tired because it was a stressful day. On his way home he saw the principal and some women looking for a boy who ought to have been at home two hours earlier.
The teacher then joined in the search, but after a long while some calls were made and the boy was seen. He had been in his classmate’s house playing. The boy was quarried and was told never to do such again and everyone went home tired but happy
Some weeks later the boy left the school with his friends and went to another place farther than where he went to the first time and a student reported him to the teacher who was involved in the first search, the teacher called him and his friends out on the assembly and flogged them thinking he was helping the parent and with the mindset that since the first warning didn’t work he have to use another stricter measure
The correction didn’t go down with the parent and they threatened to take legal action the management of the school called the teacher during the weekend to apologize to the boy’s parent and so he called the boy’s father after much apology the father referred the teacher to the mother claiming she was the most affected and the teacher called the mother, it took a while to appeal mother but at last she accepted the apology. On getting to school on Monday the teacher was summoned by the principal that someone was around to see him , he was shocked to see the boy with a man and after introduction it turn out to be the boy’s uncle.The said he was around to kick start a legal action against the teacher for flogging the boy. The teacher have to start begging the uncle, explaining that he did it out of concern, so, after a while the case was dropped
This is a common occurrence in Nigeria modern private school, where teachers will be told to see the students as theirs and some parents even plead with them that those kids needs help but when the teacher swing into action they get the rod for their actions. Some teachers are confused and have withdrawn. Meanwhile, so these see a lot of things to correct but are weakened by past experiences personally or to a colleague, hence they wink at so many things, since the students spend larger percentage of their day with their teachers hence no training for morals, culture and discipline just pure academic and academic without discipline will yield poor results as we see in our society
Many things happening today will not yield fruits today, it will be in years to come, I wonder what the society will look like in few years to come