Pains in Nigeria Democracy


…The Genesis

In the beginning we never had it so bad as a nation, we are living like the Kings prince and princess.

In the beginning, this land was filled with milk and honey. In the beginning poverty level and inflation was at the minimal.

There comes in the early 80s when the then head of state introduce Structural Adjustment Programs (SAP) which marks the beginning of naira decline which was known to be stronger than pounds as and dollars of this world that can not even compete with the Ghanaian Ceedis and CFA of Benin Republic talk less of dollars Pounds brought us the 21st century.

In the 21st century, the whole country was at the receiving end due to sharp rise in dollars against the naira and this makes it hard for an individual to purchase lots of items from the market importation and imported goods are not easy to come by due to low purchasing power of our naira and when we ask questions concerning this all we keep on getting is that our darling country Nigeria is a consuming nation, can someone tell me what Benin Republic produce or manufacture and what do they export to other countries that makes CFA better than naira, this was not the case few years back.

The cabals — they held our currency to status quo and followed by her devaluation against the dollars, pound, Ceedis, CFA e.t.c now the naira has gone down the drain, it is no longer news presently we all know naira rates to most these foreign currencies. They wanted it that way, the so called cabals like it this way, they never want this country to be peaceful just because they are benefiting from it at the detriment of the poor masses.

Despite the fact that we are in new ear, computer age,Jet level 21st century when other developing countries are catching up, the big wigs are still not thinking in the right direction.

The so called cabals are are getting richer at the expense of the poor masses and the poor are getting poorer.

My question is can the people of this country ever enjoy democracy, can our leaders ever turn this country around for good, can the so call high class leave this country alone and let her be?

Adebajo Ademola Kehinde,
Sagamu Ogun state.