The sun was shining brightly, someone could easily imagined the earth moved closer to the sun, the rise and fall of the atlantic ocean was as though it was in its full rage after much noise from the sea, and suddenly the water collapsed at our feet and there was a sudden silence, the crabs sinks into the sand as we approached them, behind us was a spiral metallic stairs we were told it’s the boarding stair into the ships, it was ‘’the point of no return’’ at badagry.

As the tour guide took us through various places explaining the slave era what was expected to be a picnic turned out to be a sober moment, some where sad, some close to tears and some cried.
As we were going back to get a speed boat to take us to where our bus was packed we reflect on what we have seen and heard , the wickedness, the retaliatory spirit the greed the evil and we try to wonder why people back then were so evil, and then we brought the discussion to modern day and discovered slavery have not ended its still very much on, just that its modernize it is ‘’modern day slavery’’.
A modern day teacher will be collecting peanut as salary he keeps pleading with his employer to increase his salary but the employer will keep telling him ‘’things are hard’’ ‘’there is no money’’ ‘’the school is running at a lose’’ but in the actual fact they are making big money and underpaying the teachers yet these schools will enforce dressing code for teachers wanting them to buy cloths beyond their salary therefore these teachers goes into debt to please their employers and their financial live keep going on an cycle no forward movement.
These teachers will be told to go to classes to teach dressed in a suit in a country where the power supply is not stable and the schools won’t produce an alternate power supply, such teachers will be teaching with great difficulties.

Another bad part of the story is the school knowing the teachers are being under paid and they not helping out yet will still be looking for every opportunity to deduct their salary, all these are made possible because of lack of job out there hence the teachers must comply no matter how difficult it seems Slavery is still very much on, to safe this nation.
We must safe the failing education and to safe education slavery must not be the method for treating teachers because teachers can not teach if the freedom is not given to them.