Empowering Female Journalists: Google Nigeria’s Training on AI and Digital Skills


In Lagos, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ Lagos State chapter, received a boost in their skills with a dynamic training session led by Google Nigeria. The training, held at Google’s Ikoyi office, aimed to equip female journalists with essential knowledge and skills in generative AI and digital storytelling.

The Vice Chairperson of NAWOJ Lagos, Comrade Bunmi Yekini, emphasized the association’s commitment to the development and upskilling of its members. She highlighted the significance of opportunities like this Google-led training, which exposed members to a range of existing and new Google tools, including Google Lens and Google Photos.

The training delved into various aspects, including understanding AI and its applications in media, as well as utilizing AI for content creation and storytelling. Participants expressed enthusiasm for the program, recognizing its potential to enhance their work and creativity.

This initiative reflects a growing recognition of the importance of bridging the gap in AI expertise within the media industry. By empowering women journalists with AI skills, the program aims to elevate storytelling and content creation in the ever-evolving media landscape.