Students Bear Brunt of Fuel Scarcity


By Muyiwa Olaoye 

Students are the most frequent users of transportation on community roads, relying on bikes, tricycles, and small buses to get to school daily.

 However, during fuel scarcity or price hikes, these transporters exploit students by increasing fares, making it difficult for them to afford transportation. 

This is particularly challenging for students from low-income families who may not have the means to increase their daily allowance

It is therefore logical to put customers as priority but it saddens the mind to see this young ones being exploited and not considered at all. 

Though on very rare occasions I have seen some drivers being considerate

Whenever there is fuel scarcity or increase in fuel price this drivers increases the fare and when things falls back to normal it’s so difficult for these transporters to reverse to the old price, this to me is very inconsiderate, some children will be seen waiting for so long to get a bus with cheaper price while some will be completely stranded. 

Some of this students have to manage what they have been given at home because their parent may not be financially strong enough to increase their daily allowance, it won’t hurt if the transporters can be considerate enough to make a special arrangements for this young ones to help their mobility so that when things happen in the country they won’t always bear the pain as much as the adults