Excellent quality of service non-negotiable in telecom industry – Maida

L-R: President, Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigerian, Gbenga Adebayo; Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Ubale Maska; Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, NCC, Aminu Maida; Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management, NCC, Adeleke Adewolu; and President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, Tony Emoekpere, at NCC EVC’s interactive session with chief executives of telecom companies in Nigeria, in Lagos on Thursday (November 16, 2023).

Excellent quality of service non-negotiable in telecom industry – Maida

The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian
Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida has said that quality of service in the telecommunications sector is non-negotiable as he called for industry
collaboration to make this a reality.

Maida, who spoke in Lagos at an interactive session with chief executive officers in
the industry on Thursday, assured of collaborations within the industry and commitment to transparency in the telecom ecosystem.

He told the industry chieftains to appreciate that they have a very important role to
play in an industry to consolidate on the achievements already recorded in the sector,
which is an enabler of Nigeria’s digital economy.

Speaking as his confirmation as the substantive chief executive officer of the
Commission was taking place at the Senate Chambers, Maida noted that the expectations of telecom consumers are very high.

“People actually expect telecom services to work.

I don’t think they really appreciate what it takes to deliver these services. So, it has come to a stage they just see telecom service as utility like water and electricity.

We need to really come together in the industry and deliver value to the customer,” he said.

He also spoke about compliance to industry regulations and standards. “When it
comes to compliance, this is an area where we are going to be placing a lot more focus, and things are going to be a lot more urgent. I am not going to be asking for compliance after the fact. That is going to be a very key area of focus for me.“So, we owe it to ourselves to benchmark ourselves against the best, not against
other sectors.